Our project is now part of the national prevention program in Mongolia. In 2017, we also started a pilot project in Tajikistan.

A material support by the states is unfortunately not possible.

All physicians involved in the project work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any fees.

In principle, only knowledge transfer is provided and material for examination, therapy and education is funded.

Only certain work necessary for coordination and translation will be reimbursed if needed.  

The activities are scientifically monitored and various studies on the subject are already published and some will follow as well as on the sustainability of the project.

The Project is financed by donations and grants. 

Thanks to your support, lifelong pain or physical disability due to hip dysplasia for  population of these countries can be prevented.                    

If you are interested in dedicating your donation to a specific, narrower purpose, please contact us at .

Our Project is a non-profit association, all donations are tax-exempt in Switzerland.General Electric, Switzerland

We thank the company General Electric, which in addition to the fair prices for the ultrasound equipment used in Mongolia, also offers us a priceless service with its almost day and night support.

Mrs. Aline Weidner 

Mrs. Aline Weidner has been collecting used Tuebinger orthosis in Germany since 2016 with great dedication. These can then be reused several times in Mongolia. It helps us to save money to buy many new orthosis. Thank you for your generous support.

Information for our generous EU donors:

account number 91-21924-2 EUR   IBAN CH93 0900 0000 9121 2924 2

Name beneficiary:

Swiss-Mongolian Pediatric Project  (SMOPP)

CH-6340  B  a  a  r



euroSIC Clearing-Nr. financial institution: 9000 (Postfinance AG, CH-3030 Bern)

orthopoint AG, Solothurn

We would like to thank the company orthopunkt ag, Solothurn. This company supplies us with Sonofirst, the hip-sono cradles, at reduced prices. These cradles with the bracket are essential for the establishment of technically perfect ultrasound images of the hip. They prevent errors caused by the tilting of the transducer during the examination. Tilting errors make it impossible to get an accurate diagnosis because they make the hip joint look better or worse than it is. Compared to other cradles, the Sonofirst hip-sono cradle makes it easier and better to fix the baby’s hip. According to the specifications of Prof. Graf, a cradle with bracket is a part of the standardized examination. Further information can be found at

Otto Bock AG

We also warmly thank the company Otto Bock AG, which supplies us with the Tübingen orthosis on fair terms. This item is essential for the therapy of congenital hip diseases.

Alexandra Kunz 

Alexandra Kunz, artist and designer (, helped us to transform our logo into a professional one. Many Thanks!

We are also very grateful to many private donors